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6 Tips to Find the Perfect Neighborhood

As a home buyer, there are many important factors to consider when choosing a home; one being that you are purchasing a part of a neighborhood and community. And you and your family, in turn, will be part of this community. So it's a good idea to make sure it is a good fit. But how do you know if a neighborhood is right for you? As professional movers, we have many years of experience regarding this topic. The following are come tips to help you find the perfect neighborhood.

Make a list of things you desire in a community Compile a list of items that would make an ideal neighborhood including; the things that you could not live without as well as criteria that you would be willing to sacrifice. Placing thought in areas such as commute to and from work, if you think it is important to be near a grocery store or walking distance to restaurants and entertainment. While you are thinking of must have items, it is a good idea to consider the criteria you do not want Take advantage of the internet Websites, especially ours,, can assist you in this process. Also, check out some realtors websites in the areas you're moving to. This can give you a great picture of what life may be like if you chose to live in that area and help you narrow down your search. Zero in on potential areas Once you have done the general research on your target neighborhoods, take the time (if you can) to go out and visit the communities. Go to the restaurants, attend community events, talk to the locals and see if you could call that place home. Once you have narrowed down your search to a few areas, drive through them at different times of the day. The nature of a neighborhood changes from day to night and weekday to weekend. Make sure the noise levels are to your liking and pay attention to any odors in the area as well. Look into crime rates The U.S. Census Bureau's city profile often lists crime statistics. You can also visit sites like crime which offers local maps where you can view crime data in almost real-time. You may also consider calling the local police department and ask about the statistics, reports, and sex offenders. Check out school ratings Even if you do not have school-aged children, this is a good plan. School districts are typically the largest beneficiaries of your property taxes and schools that are in higher demand often raise the value of the surrounding homes. There are many resources that will provide information on both public and private schools. Investigate municipality and public services Taking time to research the new municipality of the area you are looking into can be as easy as looking at the official website. Research trash collection options, street cleaning, and public maintenance as these things can affect your property value over time especially if there are budget cuts. Next take a look at the streets, sidewalks, and parks; are they maintained, clean, and appear to be clear of potential problems? These items are often overlooked when looking for a new home.

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