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How to Make the Most of a Moving Sale

Moving a home is not only a tiresome process, but it can also consume large amounts of time. If you plan well and have a well-organized moving sale, then the process of moving becomes easy while moving your home or office. A moving sale can help you make some cash that can support your moving expenses. As professional movers, we have worked with many customers who have chosen to have a sale before they move. These are some tips they used to make the most of their moving sales.

Pack separate boxes in each room You should consider packing separate boxes for your moving sale items as you pack up everything else. Store sellable items in these boxes, and then just put them out on the actual moving sale day. Develop a pricing plan Stuck on how to price things? Start by dividing the original price by 5 and then discounting for any wear and tear. It helps ensure that most items will be sold by the time the sale is completed. Make categories for sale items It can be easier to make categories of items all the same price, such as "all clothing $4 each." It may also save hours of time creating small price tags. You can also price items by the table, meaning everything on a certain table is priced at one fixed price. However, if you follow this route, it can be difficult to remember where each item came from. Keep this in mind. Get a charity/donation truck involved Make arrangements in advance to have a charity donation truck arrive at the closing time of your moving sale to take away anything that wasn't sold. The charity gets donations, and you clear out of any items that didn't sell by the end. Get creative with pricing Price everything to be easily divisible by 2. This allows you to hold a "1/2 price clearance" during the last hour of the sale, and clear out lots of remaining items. This may lead to getting more cash you might have missed otherwise- you would be amazed how many times we have seen this work successfully. You need to make change Have lots of spare change in bills and coins on hand. Consider keeping this cash on your person, and not in a box that can be easily stolen. Lack of having correct change is a frustrating reason to lose a sale. Advertise Start advertising at least two weeks before the sale. Use clear street signs in large letters, ads in local papers, and flyers on cars in a 5-block radius from your place. Get help Recruit as much help as you can find for the big day. You can use assistance for watching tables, helping customers move items and answering questions. A moving sale should be well organized before the moving day. And, dont forget, any items that remain after the moving sale can be donated. Following this steps should ensure a successful move and the chance to put some well-earned dollars in your pocket.

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