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Things to Remember When Moving Your Utilities

Moving to a new place can be a rewarding experience. But, truth be told the experience is what you make it, so it can be positive or negative. The mere thought of packing all your stuff and moving to a new place often gives people nightmares. Packing all the stuff carefully, labeling them entirely and loading the trucks are quite a tough job. Apart from other moving preparations, moving utilities can also be stressful. As professional movers, we have a lot of experience here, so we decided to inform you of your options. The following are steps for moving your utilities.

Get final readings Have your utility companies and town do a final reading of the gas, electric and water meters. Make sure to get and keep a copy of your bill or report. On your insurance, inform your insurer and ensure you have coverage from the day you move in. Buildings insurance should form part of your mortgage agreement. Also keep in mind other policies which include: life, motor, medical, and possibly pets. Let the gas company know your move is imminent and remember you may be required to take final readings just before you leave. To the electricity suppliers, inform them of the move as well and take readings before you leave. And don't forget phone service providers, landline, and mobile. Remember to forward your new address Mailing address forwarding can offer extra security during the moving process. It allows you to receive your old mailing address deliveries and sensitive personal mail to a safe and secure address. Make sure to get up to date on bills Ideally, you want to pay any overdue bills and collect any refunds or utility deposits before the move. In many cases, people forget that they may have been behind on bills for awhile. So, make sure you also communicate with the utility companies to ensure you are currently. If you're not, it's not the end of the world. This may be a good time to discuss any options you make have. Like deferring payments or seeking economy plans. Get important numbers and addresses that you may need later Carry your phone directories with you, in case you need to make contact again with your previous neighborhood. You can collect their contacts during your last day party or any other time. Don't forget; you may regret not keeping in touch. Compare billing systems in the different areas Different areas of the country handle the billing of public utilities differently. So make sure to see if the area you are moving to has different customs.

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